Springing Forward: A Guide To Organizing and Refreshing Your Home From a Professional Organizer

- by Surri Weisenburger
Springing Forward: A Guide To  Organizing and Refreshing Your Home  From a Professional Organizer

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Spring is a time for rejuvenation and renewal, not just for nature but also for your home. Organizing your home during spring can breathe new life into your spaces and provide a fresh start. Tackling spring organization can be overwhelming, but breaking it down into manageable tasks, room by room, can make the process much more doable. 

Let’s take a walk through your home to help get you organized this spring.


  • Declutter: Remove any winter gear, shoes, or items that don't belong.
  • Storage Solutions: Implement hooks, baskets, or a shoe rack to organize daily essentials.
  • Refresh Doormats: Clean or replace indoor and outdoor entryway mats.

Living Room

  • Surface Check: Let spring in by replacing your seasonal decor with flowers and books.
  • Furniture Arrangement: Consider rearranging your furniture for a fresh look.
  • Textiles: Wash throw blankets and consider changing throw pillow covers for a seasonal update.


  • Cabinet & Drawer Detox: Empty out cabinets and drawers, wipe them down, and reorganize their contents. Consider an update for your drawers and shelves with new  lining.
  • Pantry Purge: Check expiration dates and group like items together for easy access.
  • Fridge & Freezer Fix: Clear out old food, clean shelves, and organize food by category.
  • Appliance Audit: Keep most often used appliances within easy reach while storing seldom used higher up or stowed away. 

Dining Room

  • Tabletop Declutter: Keep your dining table simple with one seasonal centerpiece.
  • Hutch & Buffet Organization: Sort through china, keeping only what you use or love.
  • Decor Refresh: Update the room's look with decorative items that reflect the season.


  • Closet Cleanse: Sort clothing into keep, donate, and discard piles. Rotate seasonal clothing if you can by stowing bulky sweaters, heavy pants and boots.
  • Bedding Swap: Change out heavy winter bedding with a lighter alternative.
  • Under the Bed: Utilize storage bins for out-of-season items or extra bedding.
  • Drawer Organization: Use dividers or small boxes to keep drawers tidy.

Kids’ Rooms

  • Clothing Corral: Keep a bin in the closet or under the bed for outgrown clothes.
  • Toy Toss: Discard broken toys and missing pieces. Use the swap system by keeping certain toys hidden then swap or donate every few months.
  • Toy Storage: Exchange toy chests for labeled bins on secured vertical shelving. Use pictures with words for young or non readers.
  • Under the Bed: Utilize storage bins for out-of-season items or extra bedding.
  • Drawer Organization: Use dividers or small boxes to keep drawers tidy.


  • Declutter Countertops: Keep out only daily essentials; store the rest away.
  • Medicine Cabinet Maintenance: Safely dispose of expired products and neatly arrange into small bins.
  • Cabinets and Shower: Discard any near empty or unused toiletries and bath products. Group like items together using drawer organizers.

Linen Closet

  • Linen Refresh: Donate old and torn towels and bedsheets to your local animal shelter.
  • Minimize: Two sheets per bed and two sets of towels per person is all you need.
  • Utilize Vertical Door Space: A back of the door organizer is great storage for large or infrequently used items.

Home Office

  • Paperwork Process: Sort through paperwork, shred unneeded documents and file important ones.
  • Paper Pile: Implement a vertical file storage system to make papers visible and more easily accessible. 
  • Tech Tidy: Clean out your mailbox and discard old downloads and scans from your computer.  
  • Supply Sort-out: Organize office supplies, discard or donate what you no longer need.

Laundry Room

  • Supply Stocktake: Organize detergents, fabric softeners and other supplies. Discard empty containers.
  • Enhance Your Space: Laundry is dirty! Pretty it up with attractive containers and decor.
  • Lost Socks: Keep single socks in a bin.  Match up when found or re-pair it when another matching  mate has been discarded.

Garage & Attic

  • Zone Organization: Create designated zones for tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, etc. with bins, shelving and wall mounts.
  • Declutter: Sort through largest items first followed by boxes and bins, donating or throwing away items you no longer need.
  • Tool Tune-Up: Stow away winter equipment making summer tools more accessible. Ensure everything is in working order.

By approaching each room with a specific plan, you can systematically declutter, organize and clean your entire home for spring.  It’s a great opportunity to create spaces that are not only tidy but also make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Remember, tackling a little bit each day can make a big difference by the end of the season. 

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